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Ways to Help Seniors Socialize & Avoid Isolation

A senior woman holding onto a window sill and looking out of the window with a serious expression.

As we age, it’s common for our social networks to shrink—whether it’s caused by retirement, moving away from our family and friends, or experiencing mobility challenges. Helping seniors in your life engage in more social activities as they get older can also help them maintain a high quality of life.  You can help seniors avoid […]

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Does Reading Help Mental Health in Seniors?

Senior couple smiling and reading a book by sitting on the couch.

Celebrating Literacy Is there anything better than cozying up with a good book? Bookworms (or bibliophiles) are likely never happier than when reading their favorite tome. But how can this simple life-enhancing activity support mental health? Find out the many benefits of adding reading habits to senior lifestyles. The Benefits of Reading Reading has been […]

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