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How Often to Visit a Parent in Assisted Living

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If your parent has recently moved into an assisted living community, you’re probably both in a period of adjustment. This kind of change can be exciting, with new social opportunities for your parent and more peace of mind for your family, knowing they’re being well-cared for. 

At the same time, this change can take some time to adjust to. You may be used to seeing your parent daily and are working to find the right balance for visiting them. It’s important to show your love and support while respecting their independence and new routine. 

You can start determining how often to visit your parent by establishing a consistent schedule, checking in to see how they’re doing, and getting advice from their caregivers. Ultimately, it’s about finding a rhythm that suits both your loved one’s needs and your own schedule. 

Learn more about how our assisted living lifestyle at Parsons House Austin is designed to ensure your loved one feels comfortable and is able to thrive.   

Start with a Consistent Schedule 

First and foremost, establish a consistent visitation schedule. Consistency is key, and both you and your parent need to know when you’ll be visiting. 

Learn about your parent’s schedule and find out if there are any activities they plan on doing so you can find a time of day that works best for visits. Set a schedule that works for you, and try to stick to it as much as possible. 

Of course, there will be times when you have to cancel or reschedule, but if your parent knows when they can expect a visit, they can appreciate it even more.

Consider Their Physical & Emotional State

Your parent’s physical and emotional well-being is an important consideration when planning visits. If they’re recovering from an illness or feeling low, they may benefit from more frequent visits. 

On the other hand, if they’re enjoying their independence, they may not need to see you as often. You can always check in with our community staff to see how your parent is feeling and adjust your schedule accordingly.

Keep Their Social Life in Mind

Communities like Parsons House Austin offer a full schedule of engaging, organized activities and a wide range of amenities, from a movie theater to a yoga studio. Encourage your parent to participate in community activities and events in their new community. If they’re enjoying a full social calendar, they may not need as many visits from you. 

If you notice that they haven’t quite settled in yet or they’re not participating in as many social activities, they might look forward to your visits more, and you may need to increase your visits temporarily.

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Try Virtual Visits

Technology can provide you and your parent with many ways to stay connected between visits! Use a video call app like Zoom, FaceTime, or even Facebook Messenger to have a virtual face-to-face chat. 

This can be particularly helpful if you live far away or can’t attend an in-person visit. Additionally, sending texts, emails, or even physical letters can help you stay in touch and let your parent know you’re thinking of them.

Join in on Activities

In many communities, there are opportunities for family members to join their loved ones for scheduled activities or to enjoy meals together. 

Your parent may want you to visit on special occasions to join in on the festivities or stop by on a particular day to have dinner. Learn about the options available in your parent’s community, like family activities and event opportunities. 

Make Adjustments as Needed

You might begin by visiting your parent every other day or a few times a week, but as they get more comfortable in their community, you may want to reduce your visits to once a week or so. 

If your parent has a solid community, has built new friendships, and has a routine they enjoy, they may not need as much emotional support from you, so your schedule may change again. Visiting too often, like daily visits, can make it difficult for your parent to establish an independent routine.

As long as you communicate openly with your parent, you can find a balance that suits both of your schedules, respects your parent’s routine, and allows you to stay connected. 

Find the Right Balance in a Supportive Community

Every person is different, so there’s no one answer for how often to visit a parent in assisted living. Talk openly with your parent, get to know their caregivers, and learn about their routine to begin establishing a schedule that works for your family. 

When your parent finds a supportive community, they can feel at home. They’ll encounter new opportunities to connect, socialize, and expand their life. Be flexible and patient, and encourage your loved one to forge new friendships as they get comfortable in a new community. 

For compassionate and personalized care, look no further than Parsons House Austin. We focus on every aspect of health, and we can help you determine the right visiting schedule for you and your parent. 

Schedule a tour to see our beautiful community and wide range of amenities. We’d love to show you around!

Written by Parsons House Austin

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