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How Does Chronic Pain Affect Activities of Daily Living?

A senior woman sitting on a couch, holding her knee with both hands due to knee pain.

Activities of daily living (ADLs) are essential tasks that many people do every day for their own well-being, such as bathing, dressing, and eating, as well as more complex tasks like managing medication, running errands, and participating in social activities. For seniors affected by chronic pain, there can be significant challenges related to activities of […]

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Social Activities for Seniors

A group of seniors exercising together under the supervision of a trained staff.

When it comes to senior living, one might conjure up images of quiet solitude and relaxation. Yet, while tranquility is undoubtedly important, senior living communities today offer so much more.  From engaging social activities that foster connection and friendship, to opportunities for personal growth and exploration, living communities have become vibrant hubs of vitality and […]

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Preventive Medicine for Healthy Living in Seniors

A female senior with gray hair holding a dumbbell and exercising in a senior living facility.

Thanks to how far modern medicine has progressed, people are living longer than ever with a high quality of life. One of the direct causes of this is something called “preventive medicine”—the term used to describe the use of medicine to prevent diseases and conditions before they actually develop. The most common types of preventive […]

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What Causes Balance Issues in Older Adults?

Senior woman is leaning on a barrier and touching her forehead while suffering from a vertigo.

Finding Your Balance Good balance is more than the ability to stand on one foot or perform cartwheels on a balance beam. Balance means having control over your body and describes steadiness or stability, whether standing or sitting.  Maintaining balance as you age is crucial for supporting your health and lifestyle, whether you live independently […]

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How Can Seniors Strengthen Their Immune System

Senior woman drinking orange juice in order to strengthen the immune system.

Supporting Immune Health in Older Adults Aging causes our immune system to slow down. As a result, older adults may heal more slowly, are more vulnerable to illness, and have a greater risk of developing autoimmune diseases. When the immune system is weakened, our bodies are less effective at identifying and responding to sickness or […]

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