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What Causes Balance Issues in Older Adults?

Senior woman is leaning on a barrier and touching her forehead while suffering from a vertigo.

Finding Your Balance Good balance is more than the ability to stand on one foot or perform cartwheels on a balance beam. Balance means having control over your body and describes steadiness or stability, whether standing or sitting.  Maintaining balance as you age is crucial for supporting your health and lifestyle, whether you live independently […]

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Does Reading Help Mental Health in Seniors?

Senior couple smiling and reading a book by sitting on the couch.

Celebrating Literacy Is there anything better than cozying up with a good book? Bookworms (or bibliophiles) are likely never happier than when reading their favorite tome. But how can this simple life-enhancing activity support mental health? Find out the many benefits of adding reading habits to senior lifestyles. The Benefits of Reading Reading has been […]

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How Can Seniors Strengthen Their Immune System

Senior woman drinking orange juice in order to strengthen the immune system.

Supporting Immune Health in Older Adults Aging causes our immune system to slow down. As a result, older adults may heal more slowly, are more vulnerable to illness, and have a greater risk of developing autoimmune diseases. When the immune system is weakened, our bodies are less effective at identifying and responding to sickness or […]

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